Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Hero

My husband is my hero. I honestly don't know how he does what he does and still keeps his sanity. We've been remodeling our house since June, which has meant that Keith works two jobs...he goes to the office all day and then goes straight to the house to work there until he races home for dinner and then crashes into bed. Every night. Every weekend. Whereas I can barely figure out how to use a screwdriver, he has taught himself how to do plumbing, electrical, refinishing hardwood floors, name it, he can figure out how to do it! His skills and determination amaze me. He's like the Energizer Bunny! Even after a long day of annoying co-workers and body-aching construction, he still finds it within himself to wrestle with Lucy, cuddle with Maddie and lovingly tuck her into bed at night, and make sure that I feel loved and supported. He praises me for my job as a stay-at-home mom, even when he comes home and the house is a mess and I'm still in my pajamas. He picks up food on the way home when I don't have the energy or inspiration to cook. He holds me when I'm feeling frustrated or anxious and prays over me when I need peace in my heart. He's the leader of our home, the best daddy in the world, my partner forever through whatever may come. I love you, sweetie! --Your Adoring Wife and #1 Fan :-)
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Heather Elizabeth said...

Maddie is such a doll! I want to see her. So glad you are blogging. I promise to be a regular :-)

Anna Marie said...

So happy to see you are blogging! What a special man you have been blessed with.