Sunday, December 9, 2007

Celebrating New Life

This afternoon my mom and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Cheryl Newell, who is having a baby girl named Lucy. Cheryl's due the end of January and she has the cutest little bump of a tummy! It was so fun to meet her friends and family, all of whom are thrilled to have a new baby be joining the family. Maddie did great the whole time (3+ hours), going back and forth between charming the ladies and playing with Papa Cook in his office (there are endless fun things to play with in there...calculators, fax machines, markers, huge paper clips...). I am enjoying every day of raising Miss Madeline and I can't believe she's 13 months old already. I can remember my own baby shower like it was yesterday! It's like I just blinked and suddenly she's one year old. Don't you sometimes wish you could slow down time so that you could really savor all the good stuff? :-)
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