Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little Lady

This picture may not look like much, but I love what it portrays. Maddie is on a big learning streak right now and is soaking up anything new we show her. She got this baby doll play set from two of my aunts and uncles for her birthday. They just sat in the living room for a couple weeks, then she finally discovered them and now "Baby" is her new favorite toy! She gives Baby big hugs throughout the day. She pushes Baby in the stroller. She loops her arm under the bar and carries Baby in her carseat (too cute!). Baby is totally outfitted with all the necessary gear...she even has her own playpen, as you can see in the background. In this pic, my sister Dana was showing Maddie how to feed Baby food with a spoon and Maddie was very precise about getting the spoon perfectly in Baby's mouth. (Now, if only she was so precise when she fed herself!) This last thing is probably a total fluke, but for a long time now, whenever Maddie is seated in a carseat or highchair, she crosses her feet like a little lady...check out Baby's feet!! :-)
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