Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Keith and I hit the jackpot tonight...Nana and Papa (and Aunt Dana, who's home from London for a week) offered to not only babysit Maddie tonight, but they're keeping her overnight for a sleepover! How awesome! Maddie adores her Nana and Papa and now, between promises of a long tubby with her new Crayola bath gel crayons and Thomas the Tank Engine squirty toys, eating popcorn, drinking hot cocoa and watching a movie, she'll NEVER want to come home! :-)

Here's a few recent pics of our sweetheart...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You'd think it's summer...

by looking at these photos, but apparently Maddie thinks that "almost-naked-with-sunglasses-on" is the very best way to watch a TV February...when it's like 35 degrees outside. Toddlers sure do have their OWN way of doing things! To each his (her) own! :-)

Mr. Cool got into the act, too! I sure love that husband of mine! :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Medical update

This whole medical waiting-game is taking patience! We've waited for the last two weeks for the pediatric urologist at OHSU to receive Maddie's paperwork and review it. They finally called yesterday and we got to schedule our first appointment with Dr. Skoog...for MARCH 10th!! I guess he's one popular guy! Sheesh, that's like 5 more weeks away. And that will only be a consult to discuss future treatment. Maddie is on low-dose daily antibiotics for now, to keep more infections at bay, so you'd never know from looking at her that anything is wrong...she's Miss Happy-Go-Lucky! :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Girl Room

Today was a momentous day for Miss Madeline--her very own "big girl bed"...well, TWO beds actually, if you count the trundle part! :-) The bed actually belonged to my sister Dana during her childhood. It was a honey wood color, so we had it sprayed white to match Maddie's other furniture. She's been squealing with glee and begging to sleep in it for her nap today. She's a wild sleeper, even in her crib, so I think we'll try her on the top level and if she rolls it'll just be onto the lower mattress. Now, if she rolls off that level too, well then...