Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ah ha, now I've got it!

Miss Madeline is a perfectionist. Unfortunately, she inherited this trait from both of her parents (I guess it was inevitable!). Her style is just like mine as a toddler...why waste time practicing and failing when you can just wait until you're good and ready and then do it perfectly! We saw this with Maddie when she was 7 months old. Keith and I had tried helping her learn to sit up on her own dozens of times and she was having none of it. Then, when we were in Ohio visiting family, suddenly we looked over and there she was, sitting up independently *and* playing with a toy at the same time! Show off.

Today her perfectionism showed itself twice. This morning I was unloading the dishwasher and looked up and there was Maddie, standing on her own in the middle of the kitchen, holding a bottle of coffee creamer. Like it was nothing. Like "oh yeah, I stand up by myself aaalllll the time!" (This from the girl who slumps to the ground if we try to make her stand up alone for two seconds!) Then later in the day she just *BAM* learned how to use her sippy cup! Up until now she's been oh-so-not-interested in her sippy cup, since the spill-proof lid doesn't allow for immediate gratification like a bottle. But, once again, she's learned a new skill overnight and now she's all over it! Independence is quite the motivator!

I know, I know...standing up and sippy cups are not exactly first page headlines. But around here, these things call for celebration! Pride! Excitement! Banners hung from the ceiling! Well, or at least a post on my blog. :-)
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