Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Bits from Around Here

Here's a random thought right off the bat...

Ever wonder what I'd look like with bangs??

Look, it's Mini Me! :-)

Or maybe you prefer the pigtails look...

{Note: Maddie having her hair styled is a BIG deal around here. Usually if it's a major holiday like Christmas or something, she'll leave barrettes in her hair long enough to take a picture. That's the max. I've tried for three years now with no luck. Until a week or two ago when she visited Ava's house and let Alli put pigtails in her hair. Now they're suddenly SO COOL. Like, Mom, did you know about these things called pigtails? And why did we never try them before?}

Chef's hats are also a great accessory, especially when you're planning to whip up a big batch of mini cupcakes, or whatever you're pretending your colored beads are at the moment.

Speaking of whipping up a batch, today I stumbled upon a blog I'd never seen before called The Idea Room (theidearoom.blogspot.com). This mom has so many super cute ideas for baking and crafts! The original reason I found the blog was through a link for a homemade felt roll-up crayon & notepad holder that I want to try my hand at making. Then I noticed some other posts...homemade CHOCOLATE and PUMPKIN SPICE play dough (simply can't resist those!), homemade tempera paint & finger paint recipes, and the most awesome rainbow layer cake you've ever seen! Oh, the plans I have now!!

So this morning Maddie and I made a batch of chocolate play dough...and yes, it does have real chocolate in it! Mmmm. It made the house smell delicious all day! If you want to make some with your kids (or heck, for someone else's kids!), here are the recipes: homemade play dough, chocolate play dough, pumpkin spice play dough.

Now, with the fun of play dough comes the inevitable mess of dough crumbs and pieces everywhere (including ground-into whatever clothing she happens to be wearing). So while you're vacuuming up the evidence, if you live with a dog who sheds like a maniac year round, might as well totally humiliate her and give her a good vacuum-rub-down too! :-)

{If you'll look closely at poor Lucy, you'll see the eyes of shame!}

One fun bit from around here this week...Keith managed to get the first true giggle out of James! He gives us big smiles all the time and will do a single "heh" {aka-courtesy laugh!}, but never a true chuckle. Keith made it his mission this week and we finally got James to do it, but boy did it ever take a lot of work! :-)


Brooke said...

Riley is currently obsessed with pigtails, too! I love them. :)

Maddie looks adorable and first laughs are always precious.

Amy Erickson said...

Love it! We made Jello sented Playdough about a month ago and it's still smells sweet.

Heather Elizabeth said...

Lisa-James is such a light! You can tell from his pictures he is happy and content. Love it!

Michael said...

James is looking so strong and healthy! His color is fantastic. Good job on getting the giggles, Keith.

Wow. Is Maddie turning 12 or 13 soon? How can she be hitting the "my parents don't know what's up" stage already?! Hilarious.