Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparing for Easter

Today I started thinking about preparing for our Easter celebration. I made a few decorative journaling cards to slip into my ongoing photo album that will include a big spread of photos...coloring/decorating the eggs, picking out our Easter outfits, an egg hunt at our local community park and then everything that goes on during The Big Day.

(photo from

Last year I bought extra plastic Easter eggs on clearance and they've been taunting me in my craft closet ever since. Today I decided to start tackling the project of making my own Resurrection Eggs. There are lots of tutorials online, but I found mine here. Tonight I'll print out the scriptures and tomorrow Maddie and I will do a little hunt inside/outside the house for the items that need to go inside the eggs. She's a bit young for this idea now, but perhaps next year we'll try this Resurrection Egg Scavenger Hunt idea. They even give you a print-out of all the clues! Easy!


Heather Elizabeth said...

Lisa-You are SO crafty! I love that about you. I was SO glad to see you Sat.

Amy Erickson said...

So sorry to miss you over Easter this year. Thanks for the link for the Eggs. I have been wanting to make my own for some time.