Sunday, March 7, 2010

Front Porch Cookout

My cousin Kevin was in town this weekend for a college sports seminar (the group got to stay at the Benson Hotel...pretty swanky for college kids, I must say!) I haven't seen him in a couple years, so we had Nana and Papa over for dinner and all had a great time together. I spent the day cleaning the house, Keith spent the day taking apart the Jeep for the second weekend in a row (some part of the cooling system is leaking fluid, flooding the floor of the car--nice!), and my mom made dinner and brought it over. If any of you have tasted my Mom's cooking, you know what a treat that is! She made marinated pork chops, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, sweet and sour cabbage and a creamy hot mustard sauce to go over it all. For dessert she made a caramel apple streusel die for!

Maddie is in heaven whenever Nana and Papa are around, so she jumped on the chance to "help" Papa grill the pork chops out on the porch. Which turned into a mini-camping adventure, complete with pillows, blankets and hot cocoa. They love making fun memories together. :-)

And, because a post wouldn't be complete without it, some random cutie-pie pictures from this week.

Nothing says Spring like flowers.
Daffodils = Happy.


Amy Erickson said...

Too fun!!!

Allison McKenney said...

Kevin...Erickson...don't remember him...I remember Thane and Evan, Donna's daughters, the little (!) flower girl at your wedding (Steve & Janie's kids?)...but Kevin??

Oh, little James...he just melts my heart. He is so cute. Both your kids are!


p.s. got the girls ruffle shirts at Target!

Heather Elizabeth said...

He is sitting up!! In a bumbo!! Way to go James :)

Christine said...

How fun! Food sounds yummy (of course it does . . . your mom made it!), mini-camping is adorable, James looks precious in that familiar green star sleeper (so cozy, isn't it!), and you know that I think nothing spells spring as much as a big bouquet of daffodils. Fun!

p.s. I'm already making plans for us beginning in August. ;) xoxo