Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

Maddie LOVES to talk...and it doesn't even matter if there's anyone around to listen. She talks to her baby dolls, to Lucy (whom I assume is hanging on her every word!), to her favorite TV shows, to her teddy. We just rearranged her room (we put in my sister's old Trundle bed, so now Maddie has a "big girl bed"...but she's still sleeping in her crib), so now at one end of her crib is the rocking chair and her big box of books. Right now she's obsessed with the old classic "Pat the Bunny" and the newer sequel "Pat the Puppy". She's figured out how to reach through the crib slats and pull her books into her crib, so now I frequently hear her reading the books (page by page) to her baby doll...how cute is that?!

Keith jokes that Maddie is going to be like that little girl on the Volvo commercial from a few years ago who is chattering nonstop when her dad picks her up from school, continuing to chatter as he puts her in the car and she's talking to herself inside as her dad walks around to let himself in. :-)

It's so funny (and a little scary) to hear your 2-year-old child using phrases that you must say in your daily life, but never really think about. A day or two ago I was in the bathroom upstairs while Maddie was on my computer in the room across the hall. I'd set her up on an ABC computer game while I was "otherwise occupied" for a few minutes. All of a sudden, I hear this little conversation she's having with the computer:

I click it! (typing and mouse clicking)

Hmmm... (her tone sounds just like mine)

It not working! (more clicking)

What going on? (totally bewildered)

Darn it!

It broken. (resigning herself to this fact)

No working. (like, how in the world could this be happening to ME?)


Brooke said...

So cute!

Dana said...

I can't believe it! It was so fun talking to her on the phone last week - she is just adorable. The thing about her mimicking your phrases reminded me of Alli's story about when Macy decided to say prayer at dinner when they had some house guests over and Macy said "dear God, thank you for this food. And for beer." !! :-)

Heather Elizabeth said...

I am totally smiling. I just love the newest of kids. Enjoy!