Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! We got home from Ohio last week and it's been a little crazy around here since then. It started in Ohio. First Keith got sick. Then Maddie. Then me. So far, I'm the only one who's actually gotten better! Keith and Maddie both have head colds and Maddie's went into her chest, so she has the horrible cough too. We took her to the doctor a couple days ago and discovered she also has an ear infection! Seems she's been to the doctor a lot lately. In mid-December, before we left, she was running a 103.5 fever for three days (without any other symptoms). She's had these "fevers of unknown origin" on probably 4-5 different occasions over the past 2 years and the doctors never know what it is. This last time they were thinking either a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection,which is much more serious. Her doctor is actually still concerned about kidney damage, so Maddie is having a kidney ultrasound on Thursday morning at Emmanuel (looks like no Bible Study or Mom-to-Mom for me this week, dang it!). So, if you could please pray for the health of our family, I'd really appreciate it!

Here's our silly girl in a moment of feeling better. I just love how festive she a little Gap girl! That red velvet coat is actually from Aunt Dana for LAST year's Christmas gift and it *still* fits!

Maddie is much more aware of Christmas traditions and decorations this year. It seems like everywhere we went she was pointing out Christmas lights and trees and especially nativity scenes, so I decided to buy her one that wouldn't break and that she could play with as she grew up in the coming years. This one is from Playmobil and has a barn/manger scene backdrop and a book that goes with it. Maddie loves it and calls it her "baby Jesus toys".

Just a silly pic of Maddie with her Papa...oh, and she actually asked me to put ponytails in her hair! Couldnt' believe it! Well, they stayed in for about 15 minutes anyways. Better than nothing! :-)

P.S.--Sorry if this post shows up with little rectangles in it or the same pics twice! I tried posting it originally through my Picasa photo software, but the pics wouldn't load, so I had to go back and put them in again! Technology...ugh.

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Dana said...

Oh she is SO CUTE with her little pigtails! I love it! And I can't believe that coat still fits her...she looks like a baby GAP model with the cute sweater and that coat ;-)