Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayers for healing

For all of you who are Believers, I'd like to request your prayers for our daughter Madeline. Since Maddie was an infant, she's had a couple (probably around 3 or 4) episodes of having a high fever (up to 103-104) for a couple of days, but with no other symptoms. No runny nose, coughing, ear infection, anything. Just the fever, which always made it a bit unusual. In mid-December the fever came back, so we had to take her to the dr. and have her catheterized (horrible) for a urine sample. They suspected either a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection. So on to antibiotics she went. Then we spent a week in Ohio for Christmas and she picked up a chest cold. When we got home, a small fever returned and come to find out she had an ear infection. Round two of antibiotics, then an ultrasound of her kidneys last week at Emmanuel Hospital. (Her dr. has been concerned that these unexplained fevers could be linked to her kidneys not functioning properly, so he wanted to check.)

The ultrasound seemed to go well and the radiologist didn't mention anything when we left, so I took that as a sign everything was well. Apparently not. I talked with her dr. today and both of Maddie's kidneys are the wrong size for her body. One is too small and the other is too large. Apparently for a 2 year old, each kidney is supposed to hold about 20-30 cc's (I think that's the unit of measure he said) of fluid. Maddie's kidneys hold 10 cc's for the small one and over 40 for the large one, so one has to over-compensate for the other. They aren't sure if this was a defect at birth or if the early fevers caused the damage.

We have a more invasive ultrasound scheduled for her on Friday at 1:30pm at Emmanuel, which includes having to catheterize her and give her some sedation for the procedure. Please pray that Maddie will be comfortable and cooperative, that the doctors will be wise in their diagnosis and treatment options, that Keith and I will be wise in seeking a second opinion if needed, and most of all that Maddie will be restored to full health with no future complications. Thank you for your prayers, dear friends!


Allison McKenney said...

Oh Lisa...big hugs to you right now! I will be praying for Maddie, you, Keith, the doctors, etc.

Love you so much!

Amy Erickson said...

I will be in prayer for Maddie this week. Our boys adore her as her name is often mentioned(her photo hangs on our fridge)I will ask the children to pray for her as well.
Amy E

Christine Cohn said...

Of course we'll pray, dear friend. Keep us posted! xoxo

Brooke said...

Lisa, we will certainly be praying for Maddie and the rest of you in the days and weeks to come. I can imagine what a helpless feeling it must be waiting for answers and watching your little girl go through so much- my heart goes out to you!

Katy said...

Dear, sweet Lisa. Gosh. This is a blow......but not above the power of our miraculous God.
I will be pryaing....faithfully.
I wish I could hug you right now. Love you all.

Peter & Jen said...

We are praying for you guys and Maddie constantly. May you feel God's presence as you wait and go thru the upcoming appointment. Our hearts are with you Lis!

Heather Elizabeth said...

Lisa-I am committed to praying for you and Keith and for complete healing for Maddie. We LOVE you!

Andrea said...

Prayers said. Hope everything is OK!