Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

For the past three years, during the Christmas season we have either been remodeling...or remodeling some more...or living with my parents, so I was soooo excited to decorate our own house this year! Keith is the self-proclaimed bah-humbug of the family (his mom is the same way...must be genetic!), so I get to do the decorating all by myself (fine by me! then I get to do it exactly the way I like it!). This year we got our tree and decorations put up the weekend after Thanksgiving because I want to enjoy them as long as possible. We'll be spending the holidays in Ohio this year, so December seems awfully short...gotta soak it all in now! :-)

I had these idyllic visions of Maddie and I standing side by side, decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa. Well...that would have been nice! Instead, she put about 2 ornaments on the tree, cried when I tried to put on Christmas music (instead of her Action Bible Songs DVD, which we hear *many* times every day), and then turned into Ms. Whining Queen for the rest of the afternoon until we couldn't take it anymore and forced her to stay upstairs, screaming in her crib.

Ahhh, the holidays have begun! :-)

Remember the hot cocoa I talked about sipping? Well, that quickly ended up all down the front of her white shirt, which then was thrown in the sink to soak. As soon as the shirt came off, she started streaking through the house squealing with glee, "I'm naked! I'm naked!" Man, if I'd known that was all it took to make her happy, I'd have tried it a long time ago!

While sorting through our ornaments, she came across this one, which she liked to call "itty bitty Lucy". It really does look *just* like our dog!

These square wreaths match the garland on the mantle. There's a wreath in the windows on either side of our dining room built-in china cabinet. Now I've got to go on the hunt for battery-operated white mini Christmas lights for those wreaths!

The grand finale! :-) Merry Christmas, everybody...from our home to yours.

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Dana said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I died laughing at that photo of naked Maddie! What a good ball! I haven't checked your blog in ages since I feel like I'm drowning with work, moving, and trying to get ready for the holidays (we still have no tree or decorations - just finally finished unpacking boxes last Sunday night) so it was great to see what you guys are up to. When do you head to Ohio? I sure love you Sis - let's catch up sometime.

linda said...

I see you 2-3 times a week, but I never get tired of looking @ pictures of you, Maddie, Keith and Lucy. Who knew it was so great to be a Nana? (Well, OK, I guess lots of people!). Thank you for bringing so much joy to your dad and my lives:) Love you, Mom