Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Right Now!

Lately Maddie has taken to saying the phrase "right now!". She refers to herself as "you", so now she'll say, "You do it right now?", like when we're putting on our coats or cleaning up. Sometimes it's used in a not-so-cute way, like when she demands, "Mommy, more yogurt. Right now!" (apparently she has her own personal maid servant!)

A few minutes ago I was trying to put her down for a nap and she was resisting.

Me: You need to get good sleep so that you can be a happy girl when you wake up.
Her: No, no nap! Play!
Me: No, you're a tired girl and you need your sleep.
Her: (in between whining and crying) No nap. You happy girl! You happy RIGHT NOW!

Nice try, my dear! :-)

(just a few pics with Nana and Papa at Thanksgiving, thrown in for good measure!) :-)


Allison McKenney said...

Love the pictures with your parents! So cute!


Your new haircut- tres fab! "Right now" it just might be my favorite hair cut on you of all time! :)

Brooke said...

Love it- don't kids say the craziest things? Riley has taken to saying "No" to me lately... something we're working on fixing! :)

We got your Christmas card today in the mail- they are so cute! I wish I had half your creativity! Our cards will be cheesy Costco picture cards... if we can get a good picture of all the kids that is!

Heather Elizabeth said...

Love the lovey pictures. Miss you :-(

Katy said...

That was AWESOME!!! Loved it!

Stephanie said...

really, lisa.. we must meet and get our girls together! evelyn also calls herself "you". she doesn't do the "right now" think.. her thing is "need". "you need it mommy" "you no need nap, mommy". man our girls seem so much alike!!

i love your haircut, too! :)

Merry Christmas!