Monday, November 24, 2008

She's a Hoops Girl

One day, a week or two ago, Maddie was playing with Keith and he made a basketball hoop shape with his arms so that she could shoot baskets on his chest. She thought the game was so much fun! Later that day Keith took her to Target and they picked out a little hoop with a Nerf-type ball and now they have father-daughter "hoop time" almost every night...usually while watching the Blazer game on TV and snuggling on the couch. I just love seeing my hubby have so much fun with his little girl & she sure adores her daddy!

She shoots, she scores!

Maddie is so proud that she's learning how to shoot baskets!

Hangin' with Daddy and watching the Blazers. Keith has her well trained already--she'll say, "Dribble! Shoot!" and "Go Oden!" :-)

Tonight Keith was getting ready to go outside, so he had his hat on. Maddie normally hates hats, but since daddy was wearing one, she had to wear hers too! She kept it on for probably 30 minutes, which is definitely a record.

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Heather Elizabeth said...

SO cute! At our house we have "sports court" Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana said...

Oh how CUTE! I can totally see Maddie being a hoops star. She is adorable cuddling with Keith on the couch. Love you guys Sis.