Monday, December 8, 2008

Mommy's got a new 'do!

You know that feeling when you've looked the same for what seems like forever and one day you just get sick of it and say I NEED A CHANGE!? Well, that's been me lately. Getting "new hair" always cheers me up and refreshes me, so I made an appointment at the salon and today was the day! Make me blonde! Chop it all off!! I totally love it. (As a side note, us girls know that getting a cut and color is spendy, so I only indulge twice a year. My hairstylist said I win the prize for "most growout" roots were like 6 inches long! HA!)

Even though Maddie's been really sick for the past three days (103.5 fever...ugh!), when you pull out a camera she can't help herself. The inner HAM just has to burst through!

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Brooke said...

Lisa, your hair looks great! I love it! I'm sorry to hear Maddie has been sick- sounds like our house. Everyone has been sick- including poor Cooper getting his first cold and Rick who rarely gets sick... Hope she gets to feeling better soon and you're all able to stay health through the holidays. I still can't believe how quickly they are approaching!

Enjoy the new 'do!

Katy said...

ADORABLE! Super cute and hip.
I'm sad about Maddie beeing ill.
Let me know I there is anything I can do.