Monday, March 10, 2008

Outdoor Girl

Madeline is quite the outdoor girl. It doesn't matter if it's first thing in the morning or if it's pitch black outside, there she is banging on the door and wanting to go outside. She absolutely loves going on walks to the park (which also houses the building where she takes swimming lessons, so that makes it even more thrilling!), but if we don't make it there, she's also happy just standing on our sidewalk and watching all the cars/trucks/buses and people go by. Now that she's growing bigger, she can actually reach the doorknob herself (thank goodness she hasn't learned how to open it or unlock it...YET!) and if that isn't enough of a hint for me, then she grabs Lucy's leash and brings it to me. "Um, hello Mom! Now do you get it?!" :-)

Last week my mom came over and we all took a nice walk to the park (including Lucy). Maddie wanted to go on the spiral slide about 20 times in a row! This is such a great age--she's so interactive and really tries to communicate what she's feeling and thinking. She wants to see everything and figure out how it works. She'd spend all day at the park if I let her! :-)

Whew, this teeter-tottering is a lot of work! Better take a breather.

Just me and my nana. :-)


Katy said...

Looking at the pictures made me miss my smaller babies! Maddie's age was/is my favorite.....I also like newborns, and the three to four year stage. I'm not sure there is a kid age I truly don't like:) But her's reamins my FAVORITE!
You look GREAT! Love.

Heather Elizabeth said...

She is such a doll! Enjoy the sunny days when they come :-) And congrats on the weight loss. You are one HOT momma!

Allison McKenney said...

What about the rain...does Maddie like the rain? Cute's the 31 day book coming? Do share! :)