Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watch Out World, Here Comes James!

Mr. James has become a little daredevil lately. He's discovering new ways to move his body, to get from here to there, to explore his world and he's LOVING it! The last two days his new thing has been cruising furniture {with some assistance...especially when he gets distracted by some new cool thing and dramatically flings himself backwards to get at it! We're still working on the whole "where your body is in space" concept}. Now when we put him in his Johnny Jump-Up, we set either a walker or his Exersaucer next to him and he "walks" around them, pulls them to different locations, or spins them to get at what he wants. He is super excited when you stand him up and he races his little feet to walk the length of the couch...or from one end of his crib railing to the other...or across the footboard of our bed. He'd crawl over head-first if we'd let him! {Good thing he's not actually able to pull himself up onto things yet.}

Throw caution to the wind. {Apparently caution is for GIRLS!} Just go, go, go!

Today was also his first ride to the park in the "big kid" stroller, instead of in the front pack or the infant car seat/big stroller. He loved it, but he did find the red clip on the side and held onto it the whole entire ride...just in case of turbulence, ya know!

He's starting to look so much more like a big boy than a little baby lately. OH, AND HE'S GETTING TWO TEETH! Had to be an over-achiever and get his first two at the same time. He's over 15 pounds now {still under the 3rd percentile for height and weight} and is so curious about the world around him. It just blows my mind to think that on August 31st he'll turn ONE YEAR OLD! Didn't we just bring him home from the NICU? :-)

{Just had to include this "little old man who forgot his dentures" shot!}


Christine said...

So much fun! He is adorable, and yes . . . he looks older than he did in the pictures you just posted of him! What a big boy he is! And, yes, welcome to the world of big boys . . . no caution, all risk. It's a blast! Jonathan has taken to jumping off the bed onto the floor, or jumping between furniture. No worrying about the potential dangers of what he's doing. He's just having a blast! I'm sure his buddy's getting there. :) xoxo

Allison McKenney said...

Oh my gosh! I love his wavy hair, big eyes and expressions! He is so happy! Love you!

Heather Elizabeth said...

He is a doll! Me too, I LOVE HIS HAIR :) See ya Sat to celebrate.

Dana said...

James' faces are so awesome!! LOL I love it. Both of your kids are so dang photogenic. Love you all!