Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Back & Party Prep

First, an update on my back...and then it's time to show you sneak peaks of James' birthday party preparations! :-)

My ambulance ride to the ER was about 10 days ago and the first few days of recovery were rough. The only position that felt half-way decent was to keep my spine either standing up or laying flat on my back. I spent a lot-- A LOT -- of time on the heating pad on the couch, only getting up to eat or use the bathroom. A few nights I couldn't even walk across the room to get to my bed, so I just slept on the couch. It was just too painful to move or put pressure on my right side, all of this while taking a lot of heavy-duty pain meds throughout the day/night. We're talking Ibuprophen, Valium AND Oxycodone. Boy, the meth heads wish they could have been in my house! Score! {Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is at all. It only dulled the pain, didn't take it away and didn't give me any "cool" feelings whatsoever!}

A couple days ago I started feeling a tad better, so I'd alternate between periods of standing and walking {like a gimp} around the house and then laying down. Sitting usually still hurts, so it's limited. {Maddie has informed me that "eating dinner at the table while standing up is bad manners, Mama!" but when you're hurt you get a free pass.} :-) I'm feeling better each day, weaning myself off medication {today I've only needed one dose of Ibuprophen} and waiting until Tuesday to get the results of the new MRI that I had done last Friday. Then this Friday I'll go in for another nerve root block steriod injection in my back. Hopefully that'll help me get back on track. My mother-in-law Darlene is here and helps with everything, since I'm not yet allowed to lift anything over 15 pounds {which means James}. I sooo miss cuddling with my little guy! Keith has been SUPER DAD through this whole he even scrubbed the kitchen and living room and dining room floors BY HAND. When he cleans, he means business.

I told him he's a better wife than me. He's putting me to shame!

I'm such a lucky woman {like, times-a-hundred!} :-)

Today my parents picked Darlene and Maddie up for church and then came over afterwards for lunch. James got to sit at the table with Papa and "eat" like a big boy...a teriyaki stick! One of the few foods he is allowed to have, since he just gets flavor from it and can't bite off any chunks.

Anyhoo...lots of time on "bedrest" = time to catch up on TV shows {I've just discovered Mad Men and watched the first 2 seasons over the past week!} and a few movies. It's also allowed me tons of time to keep my hands busy...very busy...doing crafty things and preparing for James' first birthday party next weekend! {His birthday is August 31, but with the holiday weekend and craziness of school starting up again, I figured earlier was better.} I'm good at some party things...decorations and food...and bad at others, especially games. So what's a mother to do? Have the party at a park & playground--built in entertainment! I'll post lots of pictures after the actual party, but here's some sneak peaks at my paper obsession and party decor so far. All the bright colors make me happy! :-)

{Project #1: Rainbow layer birthday cake. Make batter using 2 white cake mixes. Divide into 6 bowls, approx. 1 cup each. Color with gel/paste food coloring. Pour each color into it's own greased cake pan. Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes. Layer, frost, done! Imagine the kids' surprise when we cut into a white frosted cake and they get all the colors of the rainbow!
P.S.--like all the drug bottles in the background?}

{Madeline is always a super-enthusiastic baking helper.}

{Project #2: Just a few days ago I saw this idea pop up on a couple party cake flag bunting. I've already made two other large flag banners for the party, so this fit in perfectly. It'll be the decoration on top of the cake. Isn't it just so dang cute? It says "happy 1st birthday james". Love love love it.}

{Project #3: Apple juice boxes. Why serve regular juice boxes when they can look THIS cute?! Some red wrapping paper, one sheet of scrapbook paper and a few labels printed on my computer. That's it.}

{Project #4: One of the party favors...the other one is rainbow playdough...shhh! Yet another idea I saw on a party blog, but they used cute metal tins...which I did not have. But I did have these plastic jam jars! Want an inexpensive favor idea? Bubbles! {and come on, having your own jar of bubbles to blow at the fun is that!} 6 jars: $3.50, 1 package pipe cleaners: 99 cents. Labels printed on computer, scrap paper, super-size refill bottle of bubbles & cut-down green plastic straws we already had: free}

Now I'm so excited for the party! Maddie never got to have her first birthday party because she came down with a double ear infection, so James' party will seem double fun!


Christine said...

Busy girl! I'm so bummed that we're going to miss the party by only a week. :( I'm glad you're up and about a little bit now and that you're getting another shot. We've been praying for you lots! Oh, and so excited you're making the rainbow cake. I've wanted to make it ever since I saw it! xoxo

Brooke said...

Looks like you throw a mean party!! I love how creative you are... even if the ideas aren't "originally" yours, you make them all look amazing!

Isn't Mad Men addicting?!?!?! My cooperating teacher got me hooked on it (after I got her hooked on Glee), and I managed to watch all three seasons through borrowing hers and then using Netflix. I would actually look forward to my commute to work because it meant I could watch them! Now I'm all caught up with real time and watching them each week. I have last night's episode waiting for me in my DVR right now... too bad I have school application stuff to fill out and suck away all my "free" time.

Heather Elizabeth said...

Oh yeah! I LOVE all your craftiness. Can you teach me? See ya Sat!

Katy said...

I, too, LOVE your crafty ablities! I am so happy to know you're feeling better. May it continue!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa! I just don't know how you do it and remain so positive! What a horrible experience with your back! My thoughts and prayers are with you (and Keith...he is definitely a "keeper") as you recover. Your children are just gorgeous!!!xoxox
Barbara Cooney