Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great News!

Just in time to cap off our first year with James, he got GREAT NEWS at the doctor today!

1. His bilirubin levels {which show how the TPN is impacting/damaging his liver & what gives him a yellow tint like jaundiced babies} are excellent and...his doc was amazed...are almost at the level of a NORMAL child! Praise God! This is wonderful news.

2. His blood sugar levels are holding steady, so now he can be off of TPN and his G-tube formula for 6 hours {instead of 4} every day!

3. He can go up to 3 bottles a day instead of two & in a couple weeks we can try one of the bottles with breastmilk! {We thought this wouldn't happen for many more months.}

4. We are going to try increasing his formula rate in his G-tube by two milliliters each week instead of just one.

5. He's almost up to 16 pounds. Still below the 3rd percentile on all the charts, but growing well.

Yay James! :-)


Heather Elizabeth said...

PRAISE GOD!!! Lisa, what a blessing! AND you got to see me with some sugary coffee. What a great day :)

Amy Erickson said...

THIS IS SO AMAZING! God is good. My boys will be so excited to hear about the progress that James is making. Thanks for sharing your good news.
How's the Back?

mom/nana said...

What answers to prayer. And, for the record, Lisa, you weighed 16# @ one year, and you didn't have a fraction of the complications James has had, so I'd say that was miraculous, too. Thank you, Lord!

Dana said...

That is such fantastic news!!! Thanks God!! It's so fun to see James getting bigger and looking healthier every day. Love you guys -

Christine said...

Praise God! What amazing news. Nearly brings tears to my eyes! So very thankful. Prayers are certainly paying off. Love you and can't wait to see you soon! xoxo