Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors

Hi Everybody,

Keith and I have seen the miraculous power of prayer through the ongoing healing of James, who continues to do great! He's gaining over an ounce a day and yesterday he weighed in at 6 pounds 5 ounces!! Holy cow, he's HUGE (ha!) and by today will have doubled his birth weight. I've seen his abdominal wound and it's looking good--new skin has healed over most of it except about a silver-dollar's worth in the center. A few days ago the catheter tube that is inserted in his large intestine (essentially to mark the place where they'll need to re-attach everything) fell out, so they had to re-insert and stitch it again. It is draining a lot and therefore not holding well, so they've stitched it two more times since then, including once yesterday while I was there. James is such a trooper and must have a very high tolerance for pain, since two of the times they've done stitches they didn't even give him pain meds and he still barely complained! (He soooo does not get that from me!) Today they'll be doing a dye test to see how things are flowing through the large intestine, see if the catheter was re-inserted properly and decide if they can begin re-feeding the breastmilk that comes out the ostomy bag back down through the large intestine. That would greatly increase his ability to absorb nutrients, since the amount of large bowel is double the length of his small bowel. If they can get the re-feeding to work and his levels stabalize, that would be a giant step closer to letting him come home!!

I know that through family memebers and friends-of-friends, little James has had thousands of people and churches all over the world praying for him daily and now I need to call upon all of you prayer warriors again, this time on behalf of my dear friend Christine. She just emailed me this morning with the devestating news that her mom Lois just found out that she has breast cancer and that it has spread to her lungs. Lois is a sweet and generous woman who loves the Lord & she is also a fighter and will be doing whatever it takes to make sure that cancer does not defeat her.
She goes in for her meeting with her oncologist tomorrow to discuss exactly what kind, what stage, and what treatment is ahead for her. But this news is devastating for her and her family. Please lift up Lois, her husband Mike and their adult children Christine and Gary. Pray for a miraculous healing, that all signs of cancer would vanish from her cells. That they would have wisdom in choosing treatment options. That they would each be washed over and cocooned in the Spirit's amazing comfort and peace, even as the world swirls in chaos around them. Tell your friends, tell your Bible Study, tell your church to pray. Let's be part of another miracle in the making! :-)


Christine said...
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Christine said...

Thanks, dear friend. The #1 prayer request right now is that her HER2 test come back positive. It came back inconclusive today. Please, please pray for a positive. We will know in 3-4 days. That gives us 3-4 days to pray pray pray for this specific thing. A positive will make a huge difference.

Katy said...

I have paryed and weill put her on our prayer paper. LOVE.