Friday, September 25, 2009

Surgery update

James had surgery today around 3pm for his PDA heart-lung valve and everything went really smoothly--praise the Lord for that! The surgery itself only took about an hour or less, so it was much less harrowing than last time. He has a fairly long scar now that runs from his side and along his shoulder blade, so the poor guy will have quite the road map of scars to show when he's older. He seemed pretty stable after surgery when we saw him and will be under sedation for up to the next 24 hours, so at least he'll have some time to rest comfortably. He still has his respirator tube in, but they may be able to wean him off of that and finally take it out in a couple days, which I know James will greatly appreciate! He's become much more alert this past week and is beginning to be aware of (and pull at!) all of his tubes and wires, which is a good sign...but annoying for him.

Thanks again for all your prayers and continued support of us during this long journey. Hopefully this will be the last traumatic event for awhile! :-)


Christine said...

Yay! So very thankful for the good report. What a week. What amazing peace you are showing throughout. Love you all! xoxo

Caroline said...

hoo-ray, hope madeline is also doing well.
The Flemings

Heather Elizabeth said...

AMEN to that! No more drama, just steady growth and healing. Praying for you Lisa!