Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday AM update

Late Friday night:
I just got off of the phone and found one comforting piece of news. For his latest labs, James platelet levels have increased slightly. This means that he is starting to trend up, although he is still very low. They would like him to be above 100,000 at a minimum. So far today the labs trended 36,000, 47,000 and 57,000 at the latest one. He is still getting additional platelets, but hopefully his numbers will continue to increase which would likely remove him from needing surgery for the time being.

Saturday morning update:
This morning James' tests showed that his platelet count had increased from 57,000 to 104,000. :-) This is good news although it will likely drop on the next tests, as they are not going giving him additional platelets this morning. This will help them determine how much he is starting to recover and build them on his own. Visually his belly looks about the same although it may be slightly less red than yesterday. The surgeons will still be monitoring him closely as he still may require surgery if the belly continues to stay swollen and firm.

I will send out another update later this evening.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! They are helping!


Christine said...

We are praying, especially today, that he will show the doctors miraculous things. That he will be fully well by the end of this evening. That no medical intervention beyond what a normal preemie needs is necessary. I'm praying for you too, dear friend. love you guys! xoxo

Heather Elizabeth said...

Praying for you ALL! Big hugs Lisa.

Anonymous said...

we are thinking of you guys!
Matt, Caroline, Cat & Cam