Monday, September 28, 2009

Hooray for Sisters

(and brothers-in-law, too!)

Dana and Travis couldn't handle being half-way around the globe during all the surgery and funeral craziness of last week, so they decided to fly home at the last minute! Horray! It was so wonderful to see them and hang out, even if it was only for a few days. Every time they come home it just feels like things are complete.

On Saturday we just hung out at our house and watched football games and played with Maddie (who is back to her old self--except for bladder pain every time she urinates, poor girl!--and has TONS of energy). Maddie recently made up a new creative play area--she opened her own restaurant in our kitchen nook. Apparently it doesn't have a name yet, but she has decided that it was decorated by an interior designer named Rudy! (Yes, that was totally her doing and I have no idea where she got that from, but the name is perfect, don't you think?!) If you ever visit her restaurant, know that she does make meals to-order but there is no have to come and sit down if you hope to get any food! Her menu specialties (all made out of mini tart tins and her plastic beads, of course) are banana cream pie, macaroni and cheese and minestrone soup. Delicious! :-)

"freeze dancing" with Nana (in between restaurant orders, of course)

Maddie and her favorite aunt! :-)

James has been doing amazingly well since his surgery on Friday and has been progressing even faster than his doctors anticipated (yay for answered prayers!) He was able to come off the ventilator on Sunday and now has just a small tube in his nostrils just in case he needs extra oxygen, but he's barely needed it and I'm guessing he'll be able to have that taken off too within a couple of days. Keith and I both got to hold him this weekend, which was such a joy!

First day off the ventilator!
(The tube in his mouth is to help empty his stomach, since his intestines aren't working yet. I'm sure he'd love for that to be out too, but that one he'll have to get used to for a good long time.)

Our Little Stinker kept pulling all his tubes, so they had to glove him up!
You keep that fighting spirit up, buddy! :-)

(you can also see the scar on his back from the PDA surgery, which so far hasn't seemed to bother him too much)


Dana said...

It was so wonderful to spend time with your whole family Sis! Maddie gets more adorable each time I see her (even tho that seems impossible) and I am so in love with little baby James. Can't wait to see you again in a month! Xo

Heather Elizabeth said...

Lisa-James is a DOLL! He is SO precious and I cannot get over all his hair. I am so happy for you I am teary :) I will keep praying.

Katy said...

All I could do as I looked and read was "Oooooh" and "Awwwwah"! Such precious people in your life. Thank you for sharing.

Anna Marie said...

Happy to hear that James continues to improve. Also, glad to hear that Maddie is doing well. James is so handsome. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad. love you Anna