Wednesday, July 1, 2009

25 weeks

Baby James and I have made it through another week! Whew! I know most pregnant ladies count the weeks that go by, but in light of the health scares James has given us, I've *really* been counting down the weeks--each and every one is a big milestone! We've made it to 25 weeks now. I know there's a very real possibility that James may need to be born prematurely (depending on how complicated things get, some doctors deliver growth-restricted babies early because they often have a better chance of getting the nutrition and support they need outside of the womb), but of course I'm hopeful that he'll stay in there as long as possible.

At this stage of pregnancy, I often find myself thinking of my parents and how terrified they must have been when my mom went into labor with me at 26 weeks! Especially back in 1975, it was very rare for a baby that age & size (I was only 1 pound 14 ounces) to survive at all, let alone survive without any major medical complications or long-term deficits. I was born up at OHSU/Doernbecher Hospital (where Maddie will have her kidney surgery) and was in the NICU for over 2 an incubator, hooked up to a respirator (thus my quiet voice--scar tissue on my vocal cords from putting breathing tubes down my little throat), with tubes all over and an IV inserted in my head for feedings (all my veins were microscopic). I think of baby James and just how horrible it would be to have to see him like that for such a long period of time, touch-and-go on a daily basis. Talk about stress! My parents were very courageous to go through that and I know there were tons of people praying for me and for them. I'm praying that history does not repeat itself this time around!

One more tid bit of good news came today. When they did my amniocentisis, they also drew blood to test for possible infections (since the earlier bowel problem with James could have stemmed from an infection in me) and everything came back negative. NO infections!! Yay! One more week to wait for the genetic/chromosome tests on James...ugh.


Christine said...

What a beautiful belly, beautiful mama, beautiful story! Lis, you continue to amaze me in your faithfulness and in the joy you find in each moment. You are an example of true faith to each of us. I'm so thankful for all who lifted you up in prayer in your first weeks. We're doing the same for James. :) Love you! xoxo

Brooke said...

Lookin' good! :)

Happy to hear things are going well and you made it through another week. I knew you were born prematurely, but didn't realize it was at 26 weeks- you are a miracle baby yourself! :) We'll keep the prayers coming.

Bounty said...

Love your pics sweetie - you look so beautiful. Loving the blog too and congratulations on being preggers! Just take it easy, make sure you are getting lots of sleep and eat healthily! I just had my first baby (Boy, Marlow :-)) - totally amazing! Have you picked any baby names yet? You should have a look at where you can search names by meaning and origin, plus its got a list of top 100 names for boys and girls. Hope its helpful - I thought it was great when picking my babies name xx

Amy Erickson said...

On my heart and in my prayers daily.
Amy E

"Make that possible to me, O Lord by grace, which appers impossible to me by nature"
Thomas a Kempis