Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy is her Hero

This afternoon, Maddie and I headed out to Target together. The zipper on my purse had completely busted, so it was time for a new one. We were listening to children's Bible songs in the car and when I told Maddie why we were going shopping, she said...

M: "Does Jesus know about your purse, Mommy?"
L: "Well, I guess He does."
M:"Is He going to fix it?"
L: "I don't think so."
M: (thinking for a moment) "Jesus can fix ANYTHING...just like Daddy!"

Wow, now that's one little girl who puts her Daddy on a very high pedestal! He's Super Daddy!
Daddy can FIX anything, DO anything...

Mommy, on the other hand, well...Maddie usually says, "Don't worry. Mommy will clean it!" Apparently I'm not super-human, but I am a pretty good MAID! :-)


Brooke said...

Typical, right? :)

I love conversations with the kids these days, they really do say the funniest things. Tyson's favorite thing right now is to tell everyone who he is: "I Tyson." "She Riley." "I a boy." "She a gurl."

Heather Elizabeth said...

Cute though. Don't you love this age? Enjoy it!

Christine said...

She's too cute for her own good. Maybe Keith needs a cape? ;) xo

Katy said...

What a doll! Love these converstaions. Thanks for sharing.