Friday, July 17, 2009

Beat the Heat

Let's just get this first fact out of the way...I HATE THE HEAT!!! I'm a girl who loves things in moderation, especially when it comes to weather. No extremes for me. Give me 70-75 degrees with a slight breeze and I'm a happy girl. 90+ degrees with a LOW in the 70's=MAKE IT STOP, ALREADY! (Alli & Katy, I guess all this heat is for you!) :-)

Last summer my creative & handy husband made a homemade "sprinkler tunnel" for Maddie. For some reason, she's not a fan of full-on sprinklers but she does love water, so Keith came up with these pipes that spray mist...right up her alley! So now this is a new favorite activity to beat the heat around our house.


Christine said...

So fun! Jonathan would go crazy over those tubes! Of course, he also likes being sprayed directly in the face with the hose (he does this to himself, mind you), so basically he'll take any form of water he can get. I'd love to see them playing in the water together. :) Maybe in a few weeks? Love you! xoxo

Heather Elizabeth said...

What a great idea! Sounds like Cooper would love this idea too :)

Ginger@chirgies said...

It's so good to catch up with you via your blog - what amazing news about baby James. Thank you Jesus!!! Still praying for you guys!