Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

The older Maddie gets, the more fun the holidays become...mostly because she's becoming more aware and involved in what's happening, which is such fun to watch. We had a fabulous Halloween night this year. In the morning we did our Friday tradition of going to the NW 23rd library for toddler storytime. The teacher and many of the kids came dressed up, which was so cute--especially two sets of twin boys. One set were firefighters and the other set were giraffes. Storytime is always filled with singing, dancing, listening to stories, and running around catching bubbles. I mentioned to another mom that I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of trick-or-treating in the pouring rain, so she suggested going to McMenamin's Kennedy School. It was an awesome idea & probably a new tradition we'll continue for years to come. All the staff members were in costumes and there were about 20 different staff throughout the maze of hallways giving out candy, including a balloon artist. It was dry, it was quick, it was safe, and we got to see tons of other kids and families (the hallways were packed to the gills!). (P.S.--Thanks for the adorable costume, Nana and Papa! But just to be fair, she also chose her Ohio State Buckeye pacifier! )

After trick-or-treating, we headed to Old Towne Pizza in N. Portland for dinner and then headed over to the Rose Garden for the opening night of Blazer basketball vs the San Antonio Spurs. (Keith and my dad have season tickets, but my parents are in CA this week, so we got to go as a family.) It was such an electric atmosphere inside the arena--Blazer dancers and cheerleaders, a live band, light show, etc. Maddie was totally into it, like I've never seen before--waving her arms, dancing, cheering, stuffing her face with popcorn. She had a great old time. Well, for the first quarter at least. I don't blame her for getting stir crazy. You thought sitting in airplane seats was tight. You literally have about 5 inches between your shins and the back of the seat in front of you. Maddie and I spent the 2nd quarter playing with toys and basketballs in the Blazer store and running up and down the breezeway. We headed home at halftime and Keith watched the rest on TV.

Maddie had eaten pizza, popcorn and drank about 1/2 of Keith's Diet Coke, so she was *super hyped* when we got home. The next morning when she woke up, the first words out of her mouth were "Hoops. Popcorn. Horsey ride (back to the car). More!" I think it was a good night for all. :-)


Heather Elizabeth said...

She is the CUTEST cheerleader I have ever seen. Love it!

Brooke said...

I LOVE her costume! That's what I was hoping to do for Riley this year, but I'm happy we went with Alice in Wonderland (she loved twirling in her "pretty dress"). It sounds like you had an eventful Halloween and a great time at the Blazers game. I think I was timing contractions right about then! :) We missed Maddie's birthday by about 10 hours!

Christine Cohn said...

She looks just like her mama! :) And I love her pink pumpkin! So fun. What a great idea for a dry night of trick or treating. Sounds like it was a great evening. So fun!