Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On a happier note

In the midst of all the drama {see post below on ER visit}, we've managed to have some fun around here during the last week of having Grandma Darlene with us. Today my friend Cheryl brought her cute kiddos Lucy and Henry over for a playdate, which was fun for all! Lucy is about a year younger than Maddie and Henry and James had the same original due date, so Henry is now 7.5 months and James just turned 9 months old...but you'd never guess it by looking at them! Henry is a BRUISER!! He has 2 or 3 teeth, is in the 90th+ percentile size wise, sits up, and can crawl like a maniac. Oh, and he's about a whole head taller than James. You'd swear he was a 1-year-old! :-)

{This is James' "Hey, lay off of my toys, buddy!" look.}

{OK, so James' legs are a little bit bent here, but not much...
and check out how much bigger Henry is!}

Lucy came in the door and made a mad-dash for Maddie's play kitchen and toys. I guess she'd already been planning out all the treats she was going to make once she got here! They played kitchen and Little People and "Jesus toys" {Playmobil figurines} and blocks and had foam sword fights. The only thing better would be NO RAIN so that we could go to the park! I think the next time they come over, we'll plan a "project" for the girls to do.

{This pathetic picture is the best we could do for a group shot today. HA!}

Today Maddie and I went to Fred Meyer to pick up a few things and found Crayola finger paints & the glossy paper that goes with it {I swear, I've been looking for MONTHS for that paper and no stores have had it!}. Maddie was totally into the finger painting and actually did a nice picture...until she discovered "blending" the paints with her whole hand, which basically turned the whole page into a sheet of mud.

We have LOVED having Grandma here for the past 3 weeks. She's incredibly helpful and is always willing to help with laundry, tub time, cooking, playing with Maddie and holding James all the time. We are so lucky to have her help! I'm going to be in withdrawls when she leaves, so I'm trying to get lots of things done this week!


Christine said...

How fun for Maddie having grandma around for so long, and how great for you to be able to have even a few moments to get some things done. :) I love the finger painting . . . that's exactly what Jonathan does! Just when I think we're going to get a good one out of him, he goes and messes it up! Hilarious. Can't wait to watch them paint together and cook together. Tonight he decided to make mac n cheese and beans (odd, but whatever) in his "oven" (aka our cupboard). So cute. :)

Dana said...

Hahaha I LOVE the photo where James looks like he's getting tough with Henry! So funny. I can't believe H is so big - geez! Last time I saw him he was still an infant strapped to Cheryl's belly.

What a blessing to have Darlene there for the past few weeks. She's a great grandma :) Miss you guys --

Katy said...


Heather Elizabeth said...

I love the last photo. I am sure you will miss her terribly. So glad to see that you are getting a few moments to just be together. Love you and continue to pray for you daily.