Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deja Vu

I've been meaning to update my blog for awhile now...but apparently I'm only motivated to do it when it involves deja vu. Remember my last post about heading to the hospital {just 2 weeks ago} because James had a fever and we had to stay there for a week? Yep, it's happened again! Last night our home nurse came out to do a dressing change on James' central line, happened to take his temperature and shocked us when she said it was 101.8-102! I just thought he felt a bit warm since our house was hot and he'd been sleeping in my arms. Guess not. The poor kid was burning up. :-(

We got to the ER around 8:30pm, had to do a blood draw/catheter urine sample/chest x-ray/start antibiotics, etc. and finally got checked into a room by midnight. James was wide awake and miserable and finally fell asleep around 2:00am. {Mommy was exhausted!} Today he's been really fussy and his fever actually got worse and was 103 this morning and he threw up once. His docs were hoping it was just a virus, like last time, but around noon we got word that his blood culture from last night had shown bacterial growth, so it's official: he has his first central line infection. Not the news we were hoping for. So far they're going to target the infection with specific antibiotics and see how that goes. If that works, we still have to wait for him to be fever-less for 24-48 hours before we can go home, so it looks like another long haul. Maddie leaves for Utah on Friday afternoon and oh, I had such projects in mind for my "free time" when James would be taking naps this week & my evenings after he went to bed. Dang. {It's no wonder I haven't updated my scrapbook or even printed out any photos since Easter!}

Last week we took advantage of the weather {we did have like ONE sunny day, right?!} and went to the park as a family. James loved getting to be outside and you know what an outdoor lover Maddie is!

{Oh Mom, this is so embarassing!}

Another day when it was "standard June weather in Oregon" {long sleeves, tights, boots and a hat}, Maddie tried out her new 99 cent Minnie Mouse bubble wand, which happened to work better than any of the other ones we've bought over the years--go figure!

Yesterday {before we realized James was sick, since he was a fairly happy camper all day} we got our Johnny Jump-Up toy out of storage and James gave it a try...oh, the sweet freedom of "walking" and bouncing and spinning himself in circles! Just like his favorite Exersaucer, only better! He was lovin' it, especially with his camera-hog sister dancing up a storm to entertain him. Out of all of us, James will probably miss Maddie the most this week. He's her #1 fan.

The many faces of James...

{What the heck kind of face is that?! to see it bigger :-) }


Katy said...

I'm praying. You are b=never far from my thoughts. Call is you have need.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Sis, here you go again. So sorry to hear about James' infection - poor little man! I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

I can't wait to see your daughter tonight! Wish you were all going to Utah...

Love you lots,