Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, everybody! My hubby has already been treating me to good things favorite Starbucks nonfat white chocolate mocha {which are few and far between these days}

and fabulous waffle sandwiches from one of our favorite street carts, Flavour Spot. Keith and I got the waffle with sausage and maple spread and Maddie got the Nutella with raspberries. Check out the you think she liked it???

{the licking of the lips...for the 1000th time}

{"Hey Mommy, I think I have just a little bit of chocolate right here."}

I also have to say, it feels a bit empty around here without Nana and Papa. We usually talk to them and see them all the time, but they are both halfway around the world for a couple weeks. Nana is in London visiting Dana and Travis, having fun sightseeing at castles and grand gardens and going to musicals and traveling to Holland to see the tulip fields. Papa is traveling between Dubai, Beirut {May 9-15} and Syria {May 16-20} know, all totally safe leisure spots. :-) He is there with our pastor, John Johnson from Village Baptist in Beaverton, and together they are leading workshops on business, leadership and marriage. My dad is pretty wise in the ways of the Arab world {since we lived over there for 3 years}, but please pray for their safety. Crazy things can happen over there. We love you and miss you, Nana and Papa!!


Christine said...

Happy day! Yummy looking sandwiches. We'll have to have some together in a few months. :) Looks like you're having a wonderful day being spoiled by your wonderful hubby and kiddos. I celebrate you today, dear friend. You're an amazing mom. xoxo

Heather Elizabeth said...

I LOVE waffles! And French toast! And you :) Happy Mother's Day sweet friend :)

Brooke said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day! I enjoyed chatting with you at IKEA. The concert was fun!

I was laughing at your comment about Cooper's weight because Riley, at 4 1/2, only weighs 31-32 and Tyson is the SAME, 31-32 pounds. They're within 5 pounds of their "baby" brother, Riley is several inches taller than Tyson, yet they weigh the same! Somebody asked me at the store the other day if Cooper was 2 or 3... funny! He's a big boy!

We're praying this week for your beautiful boy!