Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Our Own

Keith has been gone this week at a bachelor party in Ohio, so Maddie and I have been on our own...and considering my last post, I was not looking forward to it! But I have to say she's redeemed herself over the past few days. Not necessarily an angel (she's still 2 1/2 after all), but at least she's been pleasant to be around. :-) I must say though, nights without my dear husband seem very looooong and we miss him dearly!

Here are a few of the ways we've been entertaining ourselves...

This is Maddie's typical look after helping me bake...the evidence is always obvious.

She kept saying, "Take more pictures of me, Mom!"

Today we made chocolate sandwich cookies with frosting in the middle (from Allison's mom's awesome recipe that she always made for Superbowl Sunday when we were growing up). Maddie was so excited when I brought out my rolling pin, she ran to her Playdoh box to get *her* rolling pin and cookie, no! Gross! (You can see it at the end of the counter in the picture.) "This is just like doing Playdoh, Mom!" she said.

"Mommy, I your good little helper, huh?" :-)

We've had daily trips to the park, since the weather has been beautiful, and before bed in the evenings she gets to play outside while I water all the plants. Our yard is in full bloom and looks great! It seems like everything has doubled in size since we put it in last Spring it'll probably look like a jungle!

P.S.--Tonight we made a quick trip to the grocery store (with what seemed like everybody else in the neighborhood!) and we happened to walk by an Indian woman who was dressed in full garb...loose dress, sandals, head covering. Maddie yells out, "Hey Mom, look--there's Mary! Is Joseph here too?" HA!! The lady didn't appear to hear her (or else it would have been quite more embarrassing), and I couldn't help but laugh. Kids sure say the darndest things! :-)

P.P.S.--Oh, next Tuesday is the big day! We have an appointment at 3:45pm for an ultrasound to find out if Maddie will be getting a baby brother or sister! Stay tuned for the announcement!


Christine Cohn said...

What fun! Would you please send me one of those cookies via email? Why doesn't that work yet? ;) You're such a creative mom, and you can tell that Maddie knows that. so much fun. Wish we could go to the part together. xo

Brooke said...

Looks like you definitely have a great little cooking helper! And I love the flowers in your front yard- just beautiful!

Looking forward to some fun news next week!

Reshma McClintock said...

i can't wait to find out if baby is a boy or girl!! :) ...r...

Heather Elizabeth said...

Lisa-Maddie is a DOLL. I just love her. Continue to enjoy and savor. This is the best :)