Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tea Party

Today was a milestone day. Maddie's crib was taken down and now she's in her big girl bed full-time! Oh, my baby is getting so big!

In honor of the occasion, we stopped by IKEA today (after having a wonderfully fun breakfast date with my parents at IHOP in Vancouver) and picked out a little table and chair set and an art easel that has a chalkboard, whiteboard and roll of art paper. One of these will probably find a home in our living room and the other in her bedroom, so for today at least, the table and chairs are in her room. While we were at IKEA, she fell in love with a new play tea set (which my mom, being the sucker she is, lovingly bought for Maddie to use at her house!) and she would have been content to stay at IKEA all day...playing tea party, trying out all the big girl beds and play tables, testing out all the toys. I'd been meaning to save it until she was a bit older, but today I brought out the Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit" ceramic tea set that I've had since childhood. (Thanks, Mom, for convincing me to save it for my own little girl!) Maddie's in heaven now, narrating a tea party for her and teddy in her new big girl bedroom. Oh, how I love having a little girl! :-)


Allison McKenney said...

Yes, little girls are soooooo fun! These pictures are so cute, Lisa! I imagine you will be having LOTS of tea parties this next week! :)

Katy said...

So, so, SO fun! You might feel like the tea parties are never-ending. But the aren't. They do, however, turn into nail paining or makover parties. ;P These are the fading days. Enjoy! (I know you do a great job seizing the day. I guess I miss thoes days somtimes.)

Heather Elizabeth said...

She is beautiful. What a gift!