Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hard Hats Required

Maddie definitely has a masculine side. :-) Although she loves her dolls and girlie stuff, her obsession for the last 6 months or so has been construction equipment. She watches the cartoon "Bob the Builder" on TV. She can spot a "hoe" (short for backhoe, but she calls just about all of the construction equip. "hoes") a mile away and knows which way to go on the freeway to see the most hoes. Her favorite book is called Trucks and she has learned how to say (and identify while we're driving) dump truck, mini loader, concrete mixer, tow truck, digger (she calls it a "scoop-dump"), garbage truck and mail truck. So, when Grandma & Grandpa Frank sent some money for us to buy her something new, I knew just what was on the list!

First she got a remote control backhoe that can move forward and in circles and lifts the scoop up and down. It also plays music (REALLY loudly, I might add!). She played with it so much the first few days that she wore out the batteries already! :-)

The other awesome toy was a Bob the Builder work bench--just like Daddy's! She loves to use the light & especially the power drill (on everything in the house!) and bang with the hammer. I'm sure her perfect day would be to just go sit at a construction site and watch the hoes at work!

Thank you, Grammi and Grampi, for many hours of fun to come! :-)


Brooke said...

Tyson DEFINITELY needs something like this in our playroom- Riley would love it too! He's surrounded by nothing but girlie toys... we can't wait for Christmas time to justify buying him some cool tools and stuff! Maddie looks like she loves her new set!

Christine Cohn said...

How cute is she?! Jonathan needs one of those drills. This week he was quite taken with daddy's and decided that he could most likely suck the end off of it if he tried hard enough. Fortunately Mike had already taken the end off, so it was safe. Still... Toy drill, here we come! :)