Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Today we went on a grand adventure...Maddie's first trip to the zoo! Keith played hookie in the afternoon so that we could all experience it together. We've been wanting to go for a long time, but it always seemed that the weather or our schedules didn't cooperate. Unfortunately, today was Spring Break for Washington, so the number of people and especially the parking lot was CRAZY!! Remind me never to go during a holiday again. :-)

Maddie absolutely loved everything and she was very equal-opportunity with the love...real animals, wood carvings, stone's all good.

It's so fun to watch her walk everywhere herself now and be independent...which, of course, means lots of detours. Teddy bears are one of her favorite things, so this "teddy" got lots of hugs!

The polar bears are so grand looking. Too bad we couldn't convince him to play in the water while we were there!

One of Maddie's favorite animal exhibits was the goats...go figure! She must be a farm girl at heart.
Oh, that Daddy of mine is so hilarious!

Packy, the baby of the group. All the grown ups were inside feeding and he was outside all by his lonesome. :-(

Don't huge animals look so peaceful when they're sleeping?

Getting a good view of that black "teddy".

Soooo many fish to look at! Oh, and she made sure to give the fishies a kiss on the glass too.

Ahem! Uh, I'm not really sure what's going on with these three turtles...shall we call it "wrestling" perhaps?

A ride in Daddy's arms after a long, exciting day. We'll come see you again, zoo!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of an adorable family! Oh, do I need to disqualify myself since I am the Nana? What a fun day...

Christine Cohn said...

What fun! Looked like a beautiful day. I can just picture her waddling around everywhere. :) xoxo

Katy said...

What a cuttie Mddie is! I'm glad ther weather was really never know here!
Love you and hope to see you soon!

Heather Elizabeth said...

Such great photos! She is so cute. And what a sweetie giving the wooden bears love, they probably don't get much attention :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day! It's so fun to see the zoo through Maddie's eyes. It looked like she was soaking everything up. How fun =) And such nice weather - we woke up yesterday to a white London. That's the 4th time it's snowed in 2 weeks. Crazy weather! love, Dana