Friday, October 8, 2010

Hospital Time Again

Well, we lasted about 3 months...we haven't had a long hospital visit since June, until this week. Around 4:30am Wednesday morning James started throwing up and had a fever. We waited until about 8:30am, called his doctor when his fever hit over 101.5, and then went to the ER. They got him hooked up to IV fluids and started him on antibiotics after they got some blood samples. His central line has been having problems not drawing out blood, so they actually had to poke him this time. :-( His central line has been showing some wear-and-tear damage and the plastic was starting to peel off, so when the lab results came back that he had another line infection, the decision was made to remove it. I got to the ER with Maddie in the afternoon and about 10 minutes later the call came in that he was being taken down to surgery right then. Spent a few hours entertaining Maddie in the waiting room until James was out of surgery and we were taken up to a room. He did great, but now has a PICC line {long IV} in his arm, which gets in his way a bit. He'll have that for a couple weeks until we can clear his infection with antibiotics and then go back in to surgery to have a new central line placed. Aside from infection, part of the problem with his old line was that it was put in when he was only 3 months old and about 8-9 pounds. Fast forward to 13 months old and now 18 pounds and the line was no longer in the right had moved from a large vein in the heart into a smaller jugular vein.

For the last few days he's been on antibiotics and we've been playing a waiting game with his labs. After surgery, his platelet levels dropped and so did his white blood cell count. His white blood cells have now stabilized, but his platelets are still low. We may get to go home tomorrow, but only if his labs show that the antibiotics have killed off the line infection. The docs were concerned today that there might have been a blood clot left over from where his line had been, but the ultrasound looked clear, which is a blessing.

We'd love your prayers for James' health, but I also want to ask for prayer for my amazing husband, Keith. He is Superman...and super-tired man! Since my back is still sore and I just got cleared last week to do a *little* lifting of James {yep, it's been over 2 loooong months!}, Keith has been stuck doing hospital duty overnight and mornings + getting up with James during the night at home for months. The poor guy never gets a full night sleep! Sleep deprivation is literally a form of torture and he's holding up really well considering it all, but still. I need to regain my health soon so that I can be a better helper!

We'll try to keep you posted. Hopefully James will come home this weekend and we can start getting back to normal again! For now he's content roaming the halls in his little red wagon with the IV pole tied on the back, waving to strangers and making them all crank their necks as they walk by, checking out all his cuteness and adorable curly hair! :-)


Allison McKenney said...

Lisa- sorry you are in the hospital again! I will be praying for your ENTIRE family. You really should order Keith one of those Superman shirts. Heck, you need the superwoman one! OH I KNOW...halloween costumes for the entire family. :) Love you!

OH, LOVE James' curls. He is sooooo cute.

Christine said...

Oh my goodness! I was wondering where you went! Sweet boy. I'm so glad that he doesn't know anything different. He adapts to every new circumstance so well. What an amazing boy! Keith deserves a mega mancation or something for all that he does for your family. :) Makes me feel so good to know you have him as your support.

Let me know if/when I can come up to help! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Dallas and I continue to pray regularly for James and your whole family. Thank you for keeping us updated --
Much love Doreen and Dallas Hovey

Dana said...

Hey Sis,

I'm so sorry to hear the Frank family is going through the ringer again! I will keep praying for all of you. It must benso frustrating for you. I hope your back's getting stronger every day.

Love you guys -

Christine said...

Any update? xo

Heather Elizabeth said...

Absolutely praying for you ALL. And a special dose for Keith for blessing and strength. I have to agree, James is a looker with those curls. Guys always get the best hair!!