Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Cutie Pies

Lately I've been more deliberate about grabbing my camera and documenting the lives of my kids...James learning new things, Maddie in all her dramatically-silly glory. (I swear, she's going to be an actress when she grows up...or a musician. She's already asked us to buy her a piano, trumpet, flute, and drum set...and the toy ones won't do! I'm sure she'll do something performance-oriented. Something that involves LOTS of talking. The girl never stops!)

Here's a peek from this week:

Did I mention she's picking out her own accessories now?
Nothing says "going on a date with Nana" like a pink pumpkin filled with crayons (obviously!) and rose-colored flower sunglasses!

A brisk winter evening playdate at the park with Mommy.

Our handsome little man, happy as usual.

The other day I was rocking baby James and realized that the house had gotten very quiet. Not good. I called out for Maddie multiple times. No answer. So I went searching and all her usual hiding places were empty. I finally walked into our bedroom, peeked around the corner and saw this. Lounging in James' vibrating chair. Daddy's headphones on, playing games on the iPod Touch (which she's pretty much claimed for her own now). :-)

Push, push! Practicing standing up with Daddy.
James is getting much he's only "Jello Legs" about 50% of the time.

On Monday he has an appointment with Emanuel's Child Development & Rehab Center. They do a work-up on all the kids who have been in their NICU. I'm curious to see how he's measuring up.

P.S.--He'll be hitting 11 pounds this week! Scrawny for a 5.5 month old, but a far cry from 3 lbs 3 oz.

Maddie's favorite activity: jumping on our king size bed.

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Christine said...

I see some pretty cute clothes on your little man. ;) Makes me think back to Jonathan being that little and snuggly. And I LOVE Maddie's hair when she's jumping on your bed. So fun! I love that you're documenting everything. Inspires me. Maybe I'll do Jonathan's baby book before he's three! ;) xoxo