Monday, November 2, 2009

Prayer Vigil for Lois

Hi Friends,

You may have read my posts in the last week or two about my friend Christine and her mom Lois, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having lots of tests this week and goes in Tuesday night for a lung biopsy to determine if the cancer has spread. They are holding a prayer vigil for her in the hours leading up to the procedure. If you feel led, please pray for her! Here's the post from the blog they've set up to document Lois' journey:

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. ” – Matthew 18.19

We want to invite you all to be part of a 12-hour prayer vigil for Lois, from 7 p.m. Monday night to 7 a.m. Tuesday morning (Pacific Standard Time). Why until 7 a.m.? At that time she goes in for her lung biopsy to see if what they see is actually cancer. It feels like God has opened a window for us and giving us more time to come before Him in unceasing prayer so that He can reveal his mercy, and his miraculous power. And so we pray in agreement with one another, and without wavering in our own belief, that the doctors find absolutely nothing on or near her lungs. That what they initially saw on the MRI will be totally absent. That God would already be showing us His miracle.

Will you commit to help cover her in prayer for those 12 hours? You can sign up for 15, 30, 60 minute slots depending on your schedule and time zone. We want to have every minute of those 12 hours covered. Please leave a comment on this post to sign up for a time you will pray. Make sure you read the other comments before choosing a time so that you don’t choose a time already covered. To leave a comment, simply click on “Leave a Comment” or on “# Comments” at the bottom of this post. (Here's the website: If you are willing to cover more than one time, write your first preference first and we’ll let you know via email if we need you to cover your second preference as well.

On the same note, let’s start the 12 hours together. When it hits 7 p.m., take a couple minutes to pray right where you’re at. We’ll have a mighty prayer circle taking place. If you feel moved to, join us in fasting for her for those 12 hours. Easy for those of us on the west coast to say since we’ll sleep for most of it. :) Invite your families, friends, and churches to join us in prayer during this time as well.

Bless you all for walking this journey with us. We know that God is listening to each of your prayers and that He who made us is already on the move."

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