Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Off!

Yay! We're off on vacation today to Snowbird Resort, just outside of Salt Lake City. It's a beautiful resort up in the mountains (one canyon over from Park City, where the winter Olympics were held) where my parents have a time-share. We'll be hanging out for one week with my parents, my sister Dana and brother-in-law Travis (flying in from London) and also a few days with my aunt and uncle from Montana. We'll have "outings" on a few days, like exploring the town of Park City, mountain hikes along a lake, going to local farmer's markets, etc. But mostly we'll just hang out at the pool and read books and play. One part I'm especially looking forward to is that our unit has its own hot tub on the deck, overlooking the ski trails--add a glass of wine and my hubby and it sounds just about perfect! :-)

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Heather Elizabeth said...

Love the photo of Maddie! Oh and with our heat today and a 7 month pregnant belly snow is sounding really good right now :-)